Monday, May 14, 2012

Art in Hand Playing Cards...

A while ago I was contacted about a project called Art in Hand.  It is a unique set-up whereby many different artists are contacted and asked to produce art for one specicific card in a deck of playing cards.  The art is collected and an interesting deck of cards is produced with lots of different styles and types of art represented.  The first decks were produced featuring art of specific cities...Charlotte, Portland and Washington, D.C.  They had such success with the city projects that they decided to produce a nationwide deck featuring one artist from each of the 50 states, plus D.C. and 3 U.S. territories.   

One day I got an email asking me if I would like to be the artist to represent Mississippi.  It was so random and out of the blue and to this day I still don't know where they saw me (I am supposing it was this little ole blog) or how they chose me.  But after researching the city projects and seeing how well done they were and what a success they had been I decided to jump on in.  Even though the timing was less than ideal (there were grandbabies being born and lots of important stuff to do) I did enjoy participating.

You can view the entire deck (and even order one of your own) at the link above.  Just go to the USA Project on the home page and it will bring up the entire 54 cards.  I am the 9 of spades.  Your card was supposed to represent your state and your art.  I think mine does. 

Thanks for looking.

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