Thursday, June 7, 2012

Birth of an Oi Painting....WIP 2

This is the second of the series of my process paintings for my Missouri commission.  I prime my canvases in black acrylic and the my rough drawing is done in chalk.  It is easy to change huge mistakes with the chalk and it shows well on black.  I even sometimes use several colors of chalk on a very complex painting to help me keep different buildings or groups of trees sorted out for the painting part.

I strive for a loose style, so I keep my drawing very basic.  I want the spontaneity of the painting to come through.  I admire the talent it takes to produce very realistic, almost photographic, paintings.  I have even done some in the past that people have mistaken for photographs.  But that is not the style that I am drawn to.  I like bold, loose, chunky and funky.  I am still working in that direction.

At the beginning of this painting I blocked in my lightest lights...the salt, garlic and wine lable.  And then I sort of just keep moving...painting on what strikes my fancy.  There is no one process that I use.  My goal is to not get too bogged down in one spot and work an area to death.  I sort of flirted with that issue here on the wine bottle...working a little too close to finished on the bottle itself.  But I do like to get those highlights incorporated into the paint around them before the paint dries too much. 

At this point I was happy with my start and looking forward to continuing!  More tomorrow.

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