Friday, June 8, 2012

Birth of an Oil Painting....WIP 3

Here is the next installment in the process painting series of my Missouri commission.  I emailed the owner of this painting and told him that sometimes I stand in my studio and hold some palette knives and God paints a painting. 

That what is happening here. It seems to be flying onto the canvas.

 When you first approach a blank drawing on a canvas, you need to block in colors in the correct values with the idea of getting the entire canvas covered before you start making drastic changes.  Everything is relative to what is next to it and you can't really judge till you have all the black covered up.  If you are lucky, though, some of those rough little patches that you just spontaneously blocked in will stand the test of time and become permanent parts of your painting. 

A successful painting to me is one that I have the fewest places that I have to come back and re-work what I did on the block-in.  I can already see some little permanent parts starting to show up at this stage...Like that lid on the olive oil!  Can't you just reach right up there and unscrew it?

Here I just about covered up the black...just the salt & pepper lids and parts of the sides remain uncovered.  The glass doesn't have a top rim yet, but already I am LOVING it!  (My daughter viewed this after I had stopped for the day and called it to my attention that the glass that I was loving so much did not have a base on it!  Lol... sure enough it was levitating.)

I will fix that and add all those little cool things that make a painting come to life tomorrow when I will show you the last photo of the finished product!

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Love your work!