Sunday, September 22, 2013

Seeing the Seasons.....oil on canvas.....#22 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days

Set of Four 8x8's.......oil on canvas.....$300 (set)
In yesterday's post I began telling of my "intersection" of my normal way of painting and abstract painting.  I have always been drawn to color.  (my foyer is purple and my dining room is "watermelon"...'nuff said)  Sometimes when I finish a painting there are all these beautiful colors still left on my palette.  They just call to  How "artsy" does that sound?!
For this set I just pretty much stood there and these paintings happened without my knowledge (or planning or direction).  Somewhere partway through the process I noticed that I had the four seasons developing so I did nurture that idea as I wasn't a total accident. 
So this is what I are looking at the surface of the water....
the first one is summer....full blooming flowers reflecting from the water's edge.
second one is autumn....trees leaning over the water and their reflection mixes with the leaves that have fallen into the water and are floating.
then in winter....the icy sky reflects into the water and because I am such a fan of color we have some brave souls in their winter hats and scarves reflecting before they head inside where it's warm.
and for spring....bright greens of the new growth everywhere and since we are in Mississippi we have flowers very early in the season.
There you have it....Seeing the Seasons...four little tiny windows for you to look through any time you matter what the weather outside.

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