Tuesday, September 30, 2014

New Paintings for Red River Revel (Food)...oil paintings


12x12....Oyster on Halfshell

12x12....Crayfish Square

12x12.....Tomatoes Everywhere

12x24.....Sliced Tomatoes


8x8......Pear Still Life

12x12....A Little Crabby I

This is more work that I am packing to take to the Revel (see previous posts).  You may notice that my title names these paintings in the category of "food".  Someone was looking through my print bins one day and laughed when he came across the crabs and the crawfish (as well as shrimp and oysters) in the bin labeled "food".  All I can say is he "must not be from around here".   In the South, these are most definitely food. 

And now for another facet of the Revel that keeps me coming back.  I think I will call it the "neighborhood" that I am in.  Well-run shows generally try to put your booth in the same area as it was when you came before so that your customers will know where to find you.  I am lucky enough to be neighbors with an great group of folks that look out for each other and enjoy hanging out together.  When you are there for as long as we are it helps to be around nice people! 

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