Monday, September 29, 2014

New Work...Scenes of the South....Oil Paintings

I leave on Friday for the Red River Revel in Shreveport, La.  It is an amazing 8-day outdoor festival that is an ingrained part of the Shreveport community. Each day leading up to the start of the show, I will post some of my new work that I have been working on for the fall.  Plus, I will highlight one great thing about the Revel itself.  
Today I want to mention my repeat customers.  I have several avid collectors that have now become friends.  This will be my sixth year to do this festival, plus I have done three wine festivals there.  I love having the same folks come back and visit and or buy something year after year. 
Today's paintings feature scenes of the south...
Everywhere you look in the south you see quaint little white churches.  And on Sunday they're surrounded by cars.  Lots of cars.
The south would not be the south without it's myriad cottonfields. 

 Fishin' and huntin'.  Its what we do down here.
 Ok, in the interest of  full disclosure, this is not really a shack in the south.  But it so looks like one that I can, without guilt, include it in this category.  It's actually a shack in Maui, Hawaii.
 Another quaint church.
Another great thing about the south.  Great music. 

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