Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Some Little Abstracts......oil paintings

12x12...."No No No"

8x8....Intersections I

8x8.....Intersections II
I am still finding my way in abstract-land.  Despite the fact that I am an artist, I do have some very organized, OCD, perfectionist tendencies.  I long to create some of the loose, colorful, emotive abstracts that I see around, but I tend to be too tight and restrained.  I used to feel this way about my representational work, but I have come a long way in loosening up in that arena, so I know the drill.  Just keep at it.  Paint, paint, paint!  Keep making baby steps in the right direction and you will one day get there.
Oh, and can anyone guess why the first painting is titled "No, No, No"?

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