Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Some Random Commissions.....Marines, Home in Oxford, Colonel Reb....Oil Paintings


20x24......Walker House in Oxford

10x20......Colonel Reb
These are just a sampling of some of the commissions that I have done in the last few months. 
The USMC painting was done for a Marine veteran.  I reinterpreted the Marine "Anchor, Globe and Eagle" logo to feature the owner's own Ribbon Bar.  It makes it much more personal and he knows it was created just for him. 
The house is for one of my treasured clients.  They bought an "auxiliary residence" in Oxford and wanted a painting of their new house.  The owner provided me with a sensational photo of the home and I can't help but think the painting is pretty sensational as well.
Finally, there is Colonel Reb.  There are those who miss him.  A lot.  Let's just say they can't "bear" the new mascot.  Colonel Reb with his "Hotty Toddy" background brings back fond memories for these folks. 

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