Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Red River Revel Paintings (Flowers)....Oil Paintings

12x12....I Luh' You Poppie

16x20....Tulips in Blue Vase

9x14......Tulips on Table


8x8.....Cotton Boll I
More paintings for the Revel.  Flowers have traditionally sold well for me in Shreveport.  I love the name for the first one...if you heard J'Lo sing her song on American Idol this past season, you'll get it.
Now for my thing that I love about the Revel for today.  My booth is near one of the stages that features local performers.  I get to hear the music and see the dance groups perform.  Very entertaining talent over the course of the week.  The downside of this is that we get to hear the participatory dance program (done for the 4th graders that are bussed in from all over) repeated about 6 times each day every week day.  "I am a co-re-o-grapher.  Can you say choreographer?"....after six years, believe me I can say it!

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