Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Memories From Red River Revel 2015...

I have so many wonderful memories from the 8 day art show that I just returned from.  I have many long-time friends and collectors in Shreveport.  It was so great to see everyone.  Special memories from 2015 include:

  • Meeting a special young lady named Carson.  She really left an impression on me.  This young lady is going places.  She introduced me to Zentangling.  (Look it up) I sent her a small Heart painting....she is a sweetheart!  
  • Seeing clients from the past....the Heberts, the Gambels, the Hubbards, Barbara, and others that are so sweet to come and visit me every year.
  • Seeing other artists, some that I only see once a year.
  • Being back with the fabulous Revel staff....Kevin, Christie, Cathy, and our "Revel Mom" Tony.
  • Meeting Shreveport artist and poet, Gary, and receiving an awesome sculpture and poem from him.
  • Having my sweet husband arrive a day earlier than I expected him.
  • Sharing the Revel with my daughter, who came with me the first time in 2009 and my daughter-in-law and grandtwins who were there for the first time this year.
I hope to do the Revel again next year!  I think I met some new people that will be needing new art by then.   

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