Sunday, April 10, 2016

Abstracts, Color Explosion, Freedom

I have had so much fun exploring this new way of creating abstracts. I put a few of them in the living room when I first finished them. I like to "live with" a painting sometimes after I finish it. I often see changes I need to make. And sometimes I just like them and enjoy having them around me for a while before they go off to their new homes. Well, these paintings are like no others I have done before. They have such a feeling about them. You would think that having 4 or 5 paintings in one place that all have that much color and action going on would be too busy or somewhat distracting, but I can't explain's just a feeling of positive energy.

This one is one that I did before discovering Flora Bowley.  You can see that it lacks the freedom and abandon that the others have.  However, it will appeal to an entirely different type of person than the others.

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