Thursday, April 7, 2016

Cotton Boll Oil Painting

Hello to all who subscribe to my blog (and to those who have stumbled upon it or come here to browse).  I have come to see that my painting life has a rhythm and a cycle to it.  Try as I might to paint more consistently, I have settled into the same pattern for the last three or four years.  So I think it's just the way it's going to be.  

I tend to start the new year off painting like crazy after taking off for the holidays.  I paint to get ready for the spring festival(s) that I attend.  I post those new pieces on FB and my blog all in a two-week period so that my followers can see all the new work, and so that people that pick up my card at the shows will have something to see if they look me up.  

Then I have to catch up on the stuff that I let go during the time that I was painting 24/7.  Plus I normally get some commissions at the shows so I get those done and shipped.  Then it's time for vacation and the yearly convention that I attend with my husband. 

Once that's over it's time to start painting like a crazy person to get ready for the 8 day show that I do over in Shreveport at the beginning of October.  So I once again post all my new fall work in a two-week flurry.  When I get back from Shreveport I do like I do in the spring, catch up and do commissions and maybe a few things for the galleries.  Then the holidays hit and I take off for family stuff and start painting again in January.

So this is my SPRING ART BLITZ for 2016.  I have painted like crazy to be ready for the two spring art festivals that I applied and was accepted for.  I will be posting more info and more paintings over the next two or three weeks. 

You can always check out my FB page, Lorrie Drennan, to see if there is anything more current.  And for those of you who are my super supporters and subscribe to my blog AND are a friend of my FB page, well I promise to put some things on here that are not going to be on FB so that you will at least have that consolation...that you didn't subscribe for no reason!

These are cotton bolls on 12x12 canvas.  They (cotton) have been a really good seller for me lately.  And I learned from several cotton growers in Louisiana that my cotton is pretty "anatomically correct" so that made me happy.

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