Friday, April 22, 2016

Ole Miss Grove, Landmarks.....oil paintings

Scenes of the Grove on a busy tailgating day.

This one is called "New Kid in Town".  I did one similar to this last year and I found the one khaki tent to be amusing in among all the red, white and blue ones.  I thought it was obviously a freshman family that had not had time to buy their new tent yet.  

This is a tiny (comparatively speaking) version of a commission that I did last year.  The first one was 24" x 48".  This one is 8"x 16".

This is another small version of a commission.  The commission was 36" x 36".  This one is 8" x 8".
If you are in the neighborhood stop in and see me at the Double Decker Festival tomorrow from 10-5.  I will be in the spot that I have had for the last three years....right in front of Old Venice Pizza.

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